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Mermaid tail pro costume for professional swimming. blue/turquoise - for teenager and adults.

  • high quality swimsuit fabric with 78% regenerated polyamide (Econyl®)
  • Handmade with love in Germany.

Sizes inch, lb: Size chart
  • M: Body height 59-65 in, 110-143 lb
  • L: Body height 65-74 in, 143-209 lb
  • XL: Body height 74-79 in, 198-265 lb
Sizes cm, kg: Size chart
  • M: Body height 150-165 cm, 50-65 kg
  • L: Body height 165-185 cm, 65-95 kg
  • XL: Body height 185-200 cm, 90-120 kg

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Mermaid tail Arielle Pro
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Arielle Pro mermaid tail

About the selection, you can put together a complete set that contains everything a real mermaid needs to swim. For a complete set you need this:

  • The valuable Arielle mermaid tail costume coloured in turquoise/blue
  • The stable fishtail shaped flipper "Mahina Merfin"
  • A complete Arielle fishscale bikini in turquoise/blue matching the costume
  • Backpacker "Mermaizing L" to transport your mermaid tail set
  • Instruction manual for handling and maintenance of the Arielle mermaid tail set.

Make up your set from these components!

Made from ECONYL® regenerated polyamide

Finally we have found the perfect fabric for our costumes! The fabric we use is made with 78% ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber from waste otherwise polluting the earth. So it satisfies our desire to save the planet. The other 22% are from Xtra life Lycra for elasticity. * :) *

Costume material Vita description:

  • Made with ECONYL® regnerated yarn from pre and post-consumer waste   (Link Youtube Video)
  • more chlorine resistant
  • more resistant to sun cream and oils
  • with UV protection,
  • Material: 78% recycled polyamide, 22% Xtra Life Lycra (elastane)
  • Recycling  better chlorine protection  UV protection  better protection against sunscreens 
  • Hand washable and machine washable at 40° C.

Please note: The Arielle mermaid tail "Pro-fin" is NO SWIMMING AID. Only use for good swimmers!

Have fun :)

Colordesign: Ariel
Sizes: M (Teens and women) L (Women and men) XL (Plus size)
Fin type: Pro

Mermaid tail set for swimming

The mermaid tail costume H2O for teenagers and adults is coulored in shining blue and turquoise. The high quality digitally printed fishscales look like real. With this genuine H2O costume you become a real swimming mermaid. The mermaid tail skin is made from high elastic swimsuit fabric(80% Polyamide, 20% Lycra). It is chlorine and saltwater resistant. The high elastic mermaid costume H2O fits always perfectly.

The "Pro" mermaid flipper can be removed easily. Then the costume is machine-washable at 80°F.

Mermaid flipper "Mahina Merfin"

Since 2017 we have a great cooperation with Mahina Merfins (they are from Australia). We are really happy with them because since then we have not a single claim from this Mahina Monofins. Mahina Mermaid Fins are made from recycled rubber dyed with organic pigments only. They are therefore not toxic to humans and animals.

A tip on size selection: If the fin is one size larger than the usual shoe size, you can put on socks in it, which makes swimming with the Mahina fins much more comfortable.

You can remove the mermaid tail flipper easily for washing and drying.

Flipper dimensions: 68cm x 76cm.

You can choose different sizes.

  • XS = Shoe size EU 36-37, UK 3.5-4.5, US 4-6
  • S = Shoe size EU 37-39, UK 4.5-6.0, US 6-8
  • M = Shoe size EU 40-42, UK 6.5-8.5, US 8.5-10.5
  • L = Shoe size EU 42-44, UK, US 10.5-12.5

Mermaid bikini

This Pro mermaid tail set contains a mermaid H2O with beauteous scale pattern. The scales shine bright from turquoise to blue. are made of the same high quality fabric (80% Polyamid, 20% Lycra), like the mermaid tail. They are machine-washable at 80°F as well.

You can choose the bikini size from a large range. If you like, order the mermaid tail set H2O Pro without bikini.

Backpack "Mermaizing L"

With the included Magictail backpack "Mermaizing L" you can transport your complete H2O Pro mermaid tail set easily. The backpack "Mermaizing L" is not waterproof.

Mermaiding instructions

Every delivery includes a detailed, but very simple instruction for handling and maintenance of the H2O mermaid tail set.

This mermaid costume for teenagers and adults with integrated "Pro" mermaid flipper is designed for use in water. It is swimmable, especially the mermaiding swimming style is recommended.

Magictail - Mermaid tails from Germany

Of course, our Pro mermaid tails for teenagers and adults are made in Germany. Our H2O tailskins are designed close to the example of nature. We print digitally on genuine italian swimsuit fabric here in the county. We sew this Pro costumes at our own tailoring here in the south of Germany

Look the detail images of this H2O costume. With these fishscales, shimmering naturally from blue to turquoise, the dream of you to become a real mermaid comes true.

Last update: 15.06.2018 23:40:22

Mermaid tail costume H2O Pro

  • Pro M = Fits EU 158 - 38, US 6 - 8, UK adult 10 - 12
  • Pro L = Fits EU 40 - 44, US 10 - 14, UK adult 14 - 18
  • Pro XL = Fits EU 44 - 52, US 14 - 22, UK adult 18 - 26

Mermaid flipper "Mahina Merfin"

  • Pro XS = Shoe size EU 36-37, UK 3.5-4.5, US 4-6
  • Pro S = Shoe size EU 37-39, UK 4.5-6.0, US 6-8
  • Pro M = Shoe size EU 40-42, UK 6.5-8.5, US 8.5-10.5
  • Pro L = Shoe size EU 42-44, UK, US 10.5-12.5

H2O fishscale bikini bras

  • S = Without cup size for children.
  • M = Cup size A for teenage girls.
  • L = Cup size B for girls an women.
  • XL = Cup size C for women.

H2O fishscale bikini pants

  • S = US/UK from 7 to 10 for children.
  • M = US from 2 to 8, UK from XS to S for teenagers and small adults.
  • L = US from 10 to 16, UK from M to L for adults.

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