H2O just add water

Inspired by "H2O - just add water", Kirsten Söller developed a mermaid costume with a fin for swimming in 2011. At that time it was the only way to swim like a real mermaid worldwide.From this idea Magictail was born. Our offer now includes many mermaid fins, jewelry, monofins and films on the subject. Everything a real mermaid needs

A complete mermaid set for swimming consists of:

  • Mermaid costume: The mermaid costume or the fish skin is a swimsuit made of printed swimsuit fabric. We only use fabrics that are made from recycled polyamide for our mermaid costumes. This protects the environment and makes all fish and mermaids happy. Our high quality costumes are highly elastic and fit over a wide range of sizes.
  • Mermaid fin: The monofin is carried on the feet and creates propulsion in the water. Our neoprene fins are durable and safe to use even for small children. Alternatively there are professional mermaid fins of the "Mahina" brand. The Mahina fin is made from recycled plastics.
  • Bikini: For most mermaid fins there is a bikini with a fish scale pattern. For the design H2O there are matching tops and pants in golden yellow. We also have the mermaid bikini in many matching colors for other designs.


It's easy to swim like a real mermaid if you have the right accessories. Mermaid swimming has become a real trend thanks to the television series "H2O just add water". This sport is called "mermaiding". It is more diving than swimming. The legs and feet do the most movement. It is therefore important to have a good fin on your feet. .

High quality mermaid fins provide a firm grip for the feet and are elastic enough to deform under strong pressure. Do not trust in cheap chinese products. We have been making mermaid fins in Germany for almost 10 years. We are convinced of our quality and therefore we give a 2 year waranty on the monofin.