Mermaid tails made in Germany

Magictail®real mermaid tails for swimming.

Magictail H2O suddenly a mermaid apears

Win a unique mermaid tail set!

Here at our webshop you can buy your mermaid tail from the factory directly. We supply similar bikini sets.

We have 3 different types of mermaid tails

Only here you get the high quality mermaid flippers made from blue neoprene!

Always included are one of the 3 best blue neopren mermaid flippers.

Starts from mini Mermaid flipper for toddlers to super mermaid flipper ending at Magictail professional mermaid flipper.

Since 2010 we produce mermaid tails for girls and boys!

As Moja asked to become a little mermaid 6 years ago there whre no mermaid tails in the world. Her mother Kirsten Soeller started to make a own mermaid tail by herself.

So she become the mother off all mermaids.

Starting with this first mermaid tail for swimming, trend sporting mermaiding came into the world. Boy and girls become mermaids all over the planet.

And still - we make all Magictail mermaid tails and mermaid costumes for swimming here in Germany.

Magictail is official supplier of Miss Mermaid International®

Every participant of Miss Mermaid gets a genuine Magictail mermaid tail for free. Best realistic tails and the durable fin guarantee fun forever.

Magictails are handmade high quality mermaid tails and no cheap mermaid tails from China. I promise with chinese mermaid fins you will have no fun.

1 month exchange! - 1 month cancellations!

Our amazing mermaid tail costumes , were digitally printed with realistic fishscale pattern on best genuine italian fabric for swimming suits here in Germany.

Magictail means best quality and top service. Anyhow our fantastic mermaid tails stood fair.

More than 40.000 happy customers.

At our both webshops you can purchase real mermaid tail fins by Magictail®

Here you are at our new mermaid tail shop.

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We have sent more than 50.000 Magictails to over 100 countries!

Have fun with your fins- or fin fun with your tails :) best wishes from Kirsten Soeller und Wolf Juhnke

Mermaid costume Sirene SMade in Germany

Mermaid tail set Sirene S

139,90 €

including 19% VAT., plus shipping

Mermaid costume Arielle SMade in Germany

Mermaid tail set Arielle S

139,90 €

including 19% VAT., plus shipping

Mermaid costume Arielle MMade in Germany

Mermaid tail set Arielle M

starting from 149,90 €

including 19% VAT., plus shipping

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