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Win this unique mermaid fin-super set for swimming!

This raffle is a treaure hunt! At every article of our website you will see little  sea-creatures. Under every sea cratures  wonderful pearls can be hidden. If you have found 4 pearls of the same color, you are automatically a participant of the raffle. Good luck !!!

Together let´s celebrate the launch of our
mermaid tails made by yourself!

Around that, we will raffle on Thursday this unique piece of german craftsmanships among our newsletter subscribers.

This genuine Magictail® mermaid tail costume size M for swimming is a design prototype. There is one piece on earth only. And it will stay single forever. With great luck, as your companion.

Obviously it comes with the adjustable mermaid flipper "Super fin", a complete bikini and the backpack "Mermaizing M" for free. Off course, worlwide FedEx shipment with paid taxes and customs duty is included without any costs for you.

Unique designs like this you get after our raffles , yes we will celebrate a little bit longer :) only if you make your mermaid tail yourself.

One-off collector´s mermaid tail size M

The gain is this incredible mermaid tail for swimming size M. You can not win another size, because it is unique! If you want another size we have to exchange into another color and design.

  • This size M costume fits perfectly US from 2 to 7, UK from XS to S
  • The adjustable fishtail shaped flipper "Super-fin" comfortable fits from shoesize US 4 - 7, UK 2.5 to 5
  • If needed we ship with classic mermaid flipper from XS to XL. Fitting shoesizes from toddlers up to men size US/UK 12
  • Matching bikini sets in various sizes are available

Please note: This mermaid tail is NO SWIMMING AID

Only use for good swimmers and under adult supervision!

Good luck :)

Extraordinary mermaid tail costume size M

This mermaid tail costume is printed with almost the full range of spectral colors. The high quality, digitally printed fishscales design looks nearly like real.

With this genuine Magictail® design prototype mermaid tail costume children, teenagers and small adults become a real swimming mermaid.

The mermaid tail skin is made from high elastic swimsuit fabric(80% Polyamide, 20% Lycra). It is chlorine and saltwater resistant. The unique high elastic mermaid costume prototype size M perfectly fits US from 2 to 8, UK from XS to S.

The adjustable "Super-fin" mermaid flipper can be removed easily. Then the costume is machine-washable at 80°F.

Mermaid flipper "Super-fin"

The Magictail mermaid flipper "Super-fin" is shaped like a real fish tail. The fin blade is made of unbreakable plastic, covered with soft and elastic 2mm strong neopren.

Because of the extra wide hook and loop clasp and the strong neopren, the mermaid flipper "Super-fin" fits so comfortable.

You can remove the mermaid tail flipper easily for washing and drying.

New: Gummed up flipper ends for best durability. You can scratch but not rip.

Flipper dimensions: 22in x 24in. The adjustable "Super" mermaid fin comfortable fits from shoesize US 4 - 7, UK 2.5 to 5.

Complete bikini set included

For this strongly Limited Edition (It is only one) mermaid tail set you can choose from all Magictail mermaid bikini sets.

For best color matching we recommend a Rainbow mermaid bikini set.

Backpack "Mermaizing M"

This unique mermaid costume set for swimming will delivered with a backpack "Mermaizing M" for transport your complete mermaid tail set size M easily. The backpack "Mermaizing M" is not waterproof.

Mermaiding instructions

Every delivery includes a detailed, but very simple instruction for handling and maintenance of the mermaid tail set.

This size M mermaid costume for children, teenagers and small adults with integrated "Super-fin" mermaid flipper is designed for use in water. It is swimmable, especially the mermaiding swimming style is recommended.

Magictail - Mermaid tails from Germany

Of course, our mermaid tails for teenagers and small adults are made in Germany. Your matchless tailskin was designed close to the example of nature. As all Magictail costumes ist was printed digitally on genuine italian swimsuit fabric here in the county. Then cutted and sewn expertly at our own tailoring here in the south of Germany

Look the detail images of this design prototype size M. Imagine to wear these fishscales, shimmering naturally and covering almost the full color range. This dream comes true. The dream to be a real mermaid.

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Win this Limited Edition one-off mermaid tail costume prototype size M

  • This elastic tailskin costume for children, teenagers and small adults perfectly fits US from 1 to 7, UK from XS to S

Mermaid flipper

Mermaid bikini bra as you like

  • S = Without cup size for children.
  • M = Cup size A for teenage girls.
  • L = Cup size B for girls an women.
  • XL = Cup size C for women.

Mermaid bikini pant as you like

  • S = US/UK from 7 to 10 for children.
  • M = US from 2 to 8, UK from XS to S for teenagers and small adults.
  • L = US from 10 to 16, UK from M to L for adults.

Choose your bikini set as you like

The merbeing who won, can select a bikini set for free from 108 mermaid bikini variations

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