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You can see symbols of sea life on many of our pages like in the headings here. Click on them and with a little bit of luck you will find something precious. Look at the variations (other bikini sizes) too. There are different things to find.


Pearls go to the raffle in groups of 4 only. You have nothing do do when your pearl are in the raffle. Once a pearl is in you have the chance to win.


The winners were choosen by random generator. Winner with a user account will be informed by email. All others have to look into their treasure chest. A winning pearl will be shown as in the image of example chest.

After the raffle

All pearls that have not won are expired. You can refreh some of them by using special items.

    Every pearl, refreshed with a sponge gets a extra life.
  • Bronze sponge: 1 pearl is refreshed - 3 pearls disappear
  • Silver sponge: 2 pearls were refreshed - 2 pearls disappear
  • Golden sponge: 3 pearls were refreshed - 1 pearl disappears
  • A sponge is used on expired pearls often. But you can use a bronze sponge to give 1 extra life to a found pearls directly when there are no more expired pearls left.

Extra lifes

At the raffle we do not draw winners, we kick out loosing lots. As long as a pearl have extra lifes, the lifes will counted down. The pearl will stay in the raffle. We do this round for round until there are winners left only.


Diatoms give extra lifes to found pearls directly

    As all pearls, upgraded pearls go to the raffle in groups of 4 only. So you need for example 4 green pearls with 2 lifes each to put them in the raffle.
  • Blue diatom: One pearl gets 1 extra life
  • Green diatom: One pearl gets 2 extra lifes
  • Red diatom: One pearl gets 3 extra lifes

Use special items.

To use you special items click them in your treasure chest.If you have matching pearls they will be markedand you can refresh or upgrade. You can see the result directly.

The seen result is a simulation only! To process the changes you have to click the button on top of the chest. Before saving you can open your chest again or click on to make different tries.

The save button l is hidden until you have used a special item. Then it will be shown on top of your treasure chest.

Live raffling

While the raffle out is running you can see the changes in your tresure chest All pearls that are out will change to expired.

The round from last 100 pearls will shown at Raffle live.

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