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  5 from 5 Wunderfull tails to make dreams come true

We are using the magictails for more then a year in our Mermaid workshops in the Netherlands.
Every weekend whe learn 8 students to swim with the Magictails.
If used in the proper way the last (fabric) for more then 8 months. The monofin is lasting even longer.

This is a top quality product so dont hesitate to buy one yourself.

Have fun

., 06.04.2017
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  5 from 5 2010 to 2021!

I bought my mermaid tail in 2010 and used it to strengthen my core and for fun!
Here we are in 2021 and can you believe that now my daughter use my same exact tail that I purchased in 2010!
We get so many compliments and we love this amazing product!
You won’t regret purchasing from this company!

., 08.06.2021
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