Customized creation

1. Download the mermaid coloring page from the Pictures tab

Right click on the coloring picture and then save. The coloring page is already on your computer or mobile phone.

2. This is how you paint the template.

You can either use any painting program on the computer, or you can even paint it yourself with watercolors, acrylic, oil or plaka colors after you have printed out the coloring page.

The only important thing is that you use strong colors and if possible no white, because otherwise the fabric will be transparent when wet.

However, a lot can be improved through our digital post-processing.

If you want to design the front and back differently, send us the 2 designs for the front and back. It doesn't cost anything extra.

3. Order a costume and upload your design.

During the ordering process you have to upload the picture or both pictures with your design. If you've painted on the computer, it's very easy. All common image formats are allowed. PDF can also be uploaded.

If you have painted on paper, you have to digitize the picture beforehand. Scan or photocopy onto a scanner. Most photocopiers today can email the copy directly to them. Always in the highest possible quality, please!

Please do not take a photo . It gets totally distorted quickly.

4. We create a high-resolution print template from your design.

Once you have paid, you will get a preview of your costume after 1-2 working days. If desired, we add fish scales, bones or skin structure so that the costume looks really real. So that your costume really corresponds to your dream, you can express requests for improvement up to 3 times which we - if possible - realize.

5. We bring your mermaid design into the world.

Your unique mermaid costume will be printed here in the district on swimsuit fabric and then lovingly sewn and sent for you here in Waldkirch.

You can cancel the order at any time until it has been approved for printing. We will then reimburse the purchase price minus a flat fee of € 25 per artwork.

Depending on the order situation, it can take up to 4 weeks from the completion of the design to delivery, as we currently print a maximum of 2 times a month.